Proclear 1 day – (30) BOX A

Proclear 1 day – (30) BOX A


CooperVision Proclear? 1 day contact lenses make end-of-day discomfort a thing of the past. That?s because we designed these daily disposable lenses to offer your patients exceptional levels of both overall comfort and comfort at the end of the day.

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Naturally Resist Dryness

Thanks to our PC Technology?, water molecules actually become a part of the Proclear 1 day contact lens, creating a natural resistance to dryness.

In fact, Proclear contacts are the only contact lenses cleared by the U.S. FDA for the claim: “may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.”

Ask your eye care professional about Proclear 1 day lenses.

  • Stay 96% hydrated throughout the day, even after 12 hours of wear
  • Maintain oxygen flow to help keep your eyes clear and white
  • May help address eye dryness when wearing contact lenses
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