Proclear 1 day Multifocal – (30) BOX B

Proclear 1 day Multifocal – (30) BOX B


Proclear 1 day multifocal lenses provide excellent vision at any distance. The lenses are ideal in meeting the challenge of age-related dryness.

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With PC Technology in every Proclear lens – a material that attracts and maintains moisture – you can enjoy a comfortable lens-wearing experience. The lenses imitate the cells of the human eye, resulting in a more natural visual experience. With daily disposable lenses, the need for a lens care solution is eliminated. Proclear 1 day multifocal lenses allow the flexibility to decide whether to wear the lenses all day, part of the day, or just for special occasions.

  • LENS TYPE: Daily disposable soft contact lenses for presbyopia.
  • PACKAGE DETAILS: 30 tinted soft contact lenses for daily wear in buffered saline.
  • MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT: 40% omafilcon A.
  • MANUFACTURER: CooperVision, Inc., Scottsville, NY
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